Marketeer2. With or without Bubble. Sending targeted messages

August 13, 2015by Rudy Bianco

The bubble is very useful to send unique messages to the user. Also, thinking that Marketeer has a lot of Webhooks that helps to change the text of those bubbles on the fly, it’s good if you activate.


Direct Ask Mode






Normal Mode






In both modes, Direct Ask or Normal Widget, you could set a bubble as default. The bubble will switch in between Live Chat Agent online, showing the picture of your agent and the text of welcome you want to give and your Marketeer’s virtual assistant.

You can set easily the text of bubbles in your Widget Settings > Translate Texts.

Translate your customer support

Marketeer dashboard text translation

From there you can easily change any text appearance at your widget, including the non-answered responses, buttons, and welcome messages.

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3. Inside the Widget >

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