Marketeer4. Icon + Sidebar. The new way to engage and capture more leads

August 13, 2015by Rudy Bianco

The smallest icon you could have at the web is the image you upload for your Marketeer’s assistant.

Marketeer Widget Bubble

When the user clicks on this icon, the interface will be displayed all over the left or the right part of the page creating a beautiful sidebar help.

Marketeer is your website growth hacking tool


With the new sidebar, we’ve created an amazing Javascript API that let’s you improve the interaction between your website and the widget.


On boarding made it easy

All the Webhooks we’ve made, could help to achieve a better impact at your on boarding process, improving the learning process of your dashboard.




Install it. Play with it. Enjoy! Activate It Here


< 3. Inside the widget. The UIX that matters


5. Support Center page. Giving instant support never was so easy >


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