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The best integration you’ve ever seen in a self-service platform. It’s time to get the maximum of your Website and capture more leads!

This is becoming one of the most useful features of Marketeer. You can manage your Marketeer’s widget directly from your website, using simple Javascript commands.

For example:

There is a way to communicate your Web with your Marketeer’s Widget using Javascript.

You could call the javascript function Marketeer.getResponse(‘Hi’) to ask something from the web. This is a very useful feature to create interaction directly from your web, for example, adding a “Need Help (?)” and when you click, show the answer directly from the widget:


Use this feature to give instant help to your users from any website that is Marketeer’s script included.

Try it: Show Messages, Ask Questions, Open Form, Make a Survey and much more…

There are tons of other javascript commands.

See more Javascript commands here.


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