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June 13, 2016by Rudy Bianco

Upgrades in technology have forced companies to adapt to millennials.


Today, technology is changing at a faster rate than many would like to admit. Physically we remain the same, but psychologically we are adapting. Smartphones were once a luxury item reserved for the wealthy. Fast forward a few years and now there’s a plethora of children with smartphones. We live in an age where children are born next to smartphones, raised with one in their hand and taught how to use them before they walk. Smartphones have essentially become a necessity in today’s society.

There are 2.1B Smartphones today and possibly 6.1B by 2020 according to TechCrunch

Smartphones create a bridge that connects humans to each other. We are addicted to our phones because we feel as though it makes us closer to those around us. Distance is irrelevant when it comes towards communication. Phone calls, texts and FaceTime calls all provide reliable forms of communication. Social media creates a place where emotions may be expressed, images can be shared and information may be shared. Smartphones have replaced GPS systems, newspapers, cameras and radios. We have and are still becoming more technologically advanced at an incredible pace.

So What Does That Mean?


With the technological advances of smartphones we have transformed into a “now” society. This means our wants must be answered correctly and immediately. Unfortunately, the answers provided on Internet and company’s websites are not always satisfactory. Specific questions and concerns may arise by consumers. The answers will not be provided unless some form of contact is made.

In that case, there must be someone available who is knowledgeable of the product or service. This labor requires time and patience. Due to the our current mentality, patience has been greatly reduced. Studies have proved that 71% of customers expect some form of assistance within five minutes (According to Graham Charlton). 

After this short period of time if the customer service is not satisfactory, too slow or just awful, 90% of those customers will leave.

Businesses must understand these statistics along with their brand value. Good customer service is essential for success. Speed and accessibility must now be prioritized.

How Can You Update Your Company?


Here is where the technology is a key element. Marketeer satisfies and exceeds the needs of your company for your consumers. Marketeer is a user-friendly AI (Artificial Intelligence) system employed to allow to have a 24/7 customer service with the least amount of resources. The AI bot is trained to answer questions customers ask within seconds. These responses can be pre-programmed into the simple interface system where keywords are detected and used to develop a response.

AI vs Human

Along with the uniqueness of having Marketeer’s AI system working for you, it also learns from customers. This allows it to adjust and better satisfy their needs. Too complex questions for the AI are directed to an individual employee and later added to the AI systems. This will help reduce the workforce required to deal with customers, allowing them to focus on more productive work. Marketeer’s AI system will provide an immediate and easily accessible answer. Managers will no longer have to worry about employee interactions, and the excessive workforce for simple customer service tasks.

“Your brand value will surge in the minds of your customers”

In a society where speed is a priority, Marketeer will no longer be an option for companies, but a necessity. Marketeer’s AI concept is new and maybe deemed a luxury, but if companies do not take advantage of it now it may be too late. People in today’s society have very little patience when it comes to questions they have. Marketeer provides customers and businesses with a solution. There will no longer be complaints on poor customer service, and customer retention rates will increase significantly. Your brand value will surge in the minds of your customers.

Marketeer is here not only to make your company better, but also to help your company exceed above all others.

Marketeer Customer Service 24/7


by Adrian Wong – Marketing Marketeer

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