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First of all? What is a whitelist? It is a list of email addresses or domain names from which an email blocking program will allow messages to be received. Block programs also known as spam filters, are intended to prevent most uninvited ( extremely annoying ) email messages from appearing in your inboxes. Moreover, these programs are not perfect. Some cleverly crafted spam gets through, and some of the messages that we really want to receive are blocked. We know from a fact that most internet users can tolerate the occasional uninvited email advertisement that our spam filter misses, but we want to receive all the important messages from our customers and clients, and sometimes we don’t receive them. Therefore, we, as a Marketeer team members, highly recommend the whitelist. This list can be gradually compiled over a period of time, and can be edited whenever you want!

So let’s get started!

Like we’ve mentioned in the previous post, every single journey starts with a small step, which is in this case logging in.

Please use your credentials to log in.


After logging in, the following screen will appear:


Please follow the orange steps. Firstly, press on the cogwheel.

From there you need to click on ‘‘WhiteListed Domains”.

We’re almost done now.

Make sure you add the websites to the’WhiteListed Domains’ by clicking on the box that says new website.


As you can see on your screen, the following pop up appeared:

Now make sure you add the link, and press save.


After doing so, the link will appear in your list. From there you can either decide whether to switch on or off the options that are given by clicking on them.