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Marketeer participated at the BeFree event in Mexico, and we loved it! The event gathered all kind of innovation, new technology and the latest breakthrough on how artificial technology is revolutionizing the customer service.

An incredible event that brought together developers, distributors, manufacturers and technology integrators and telecommunications- a great combination of talent and knowledge.

For the first time Befree had an open space of collaboration and networking among the participants, with the intention of strengthening the OpenSourcTee community and disseminating emerging technological innovation.

The event provided the opportunity for amateur developers and OpenSource experiencers to channel their innovation capability, solving real business and organizational problems with the hackathon format.

Rudy Bianco Befree 2017

Our CEO Rudy Bianco talked about Artificial Intelligence with IoT (Internet of Things that refers to the digital interconnection of everyday objects with the internet). How the world is changing around the Artificial Intelligence and how the business world will change because of this technology.

Thanks to BeFree 2017, Marketeer is investing in Mexico as a partner of the company Toga Soluciones Integrales.

It was a pleasure to participate in the event, we thank all participants and collaborators for this experience!