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September 7, 2016by Rudy Bianco

O´DONNELL @ryanworking

Introducing Ryan O´Donnell, Co-founder of SellHack, to Bright Ideas.


This week, to continue our online magazine Bright Ideas, we got to know Ryan O’Donnell.

To begin with, Ryan gave us a small description of what SellHack does. SellHack is a platform for sales people who want to spend less time building prospect lists and guessing emails, and more time working leads through their pipeline.

In this interview, we asked Ryan to share his experience in the Business to Business world to help enlighten fellow business people.

You start your day with: Making breakfast for the kids and quickly filtering email.

You end your day with: Inbox pruning.

When a problem arises, you approach it with: Slowing down the heart rate to keep a clear head when crafting a solution.

Referrals from happy clients have been a huge driver of growth.

What methods or strategies did you use to create value to your clients? 

We built SellHack to solve our own problems with sales prospecting. We were our first customer and use our product every day. Deep domain expertise was a driver to a lean, value added product.

Which channels were the most effective in reaching your customers? Why?

Referrals from happy clients have been a huge driver of growth. Our initial influx of traffic and awareness came on the back of a negative piece in the press. We use exit intent technology and automated “activity based” in-app and email communication with our entire user base to keep them engaged.

What strategies were the most effective in retaining your customers? How?

We built a product that does everything you need and nothing you don’t need. Client demands for leads and flow during the course of the year, but there is always a demand for new customers and the only way to reach them is to find their contact info. We fit nicely in the workflow of our customers and deliver value to them every time they use the product.

How did you create a competitive advantage in your industry?

We’ve been at this longer than anyone in this field. It’s easy to get to a sell-able competitive product. But it’s hard to refine it to the point at scale for speed and accuracy.

Do you have an extremely useful App you cannot live without? Why?

1) Bounce Exchange for exit intent.

2) Intercom for in-app and activity based email communication.

3) Joinme for conferencing.

4)Calendly for scheduling demos.

Ryan O´Donnell, successful Co-founder of SellHack and one of many bright people to be featured in Bright Ideas. By sharing his strategies and experiences we hope to educate future generations and inspire people in the business world to do the same.


What is SellHack? SellHack is a browser extension that helps you build targeted lists so you can send cold emails to your leads. You can uncover your sales prospect’s previously hidden email addresses while searching their social profiles


Want to know more about Ryan? Find him on Twitter: @ryanworking

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