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August 12, 2016by Rudy Bianco


Introducing Matt Fiedler, CEO at Vinyl Me, please, to Bright Ideas.



This week, to continue our online magazine Bright Ideas, we got to know Matt Fiedler.

You start your day with: Eating breakfast.

You end your day with: Watching Television.

When a problem arises, you approach it by: Trying to first understand what is causing it, then work toward a fast resolution.

Tell us a bit about your company: We are a record of the month club.

We asked Matt to share his experience in the Business to Consumer world to help enlighten fellow business people.


Concentrating on Matt’s knowledge and experience with Vinyl Me, please, he debated about his ideas regarding customer segmentation, acquisition, and retention. Matt discussed that for Vinyl Me, please, he elected a target group of customers in a very simple and strategic way: current member referring new members to join.

This would lead to the direct question of how did he reach these new members? Matt replied by saying that referrals and social media were the most effective way of gaining new customers. This indeed shows how much referrals and positive word of mouth can have positive results which would lead to gaining new set of customers.

Moreover, being on schedule and organized are key factors to making effective decisions which would lead to a successful business. Matt stresses out that for him Sunrise, a calendar App, is an extremely useful App that organizes and schedules his business.

At the point when thinking about the best strategies to keep these customers satisfied and loyal, Matt believes that the answer is simple: creating value. In other words, giving people more than what they think they are paying for. When customers start realizing that, then they will definitely repurchase the product/service, leading to customer satisfaction and retention!

Customer service is the most direct member contact we have. It’s imperative to creating a meaningful experience for our members.

What is the best method to gain a competitive edge?

Moving forward to competition, Matt says that three important factors play a key role in positioning your company against your competitors. He believes that the difference in mission, purpose, and testimonials are important when differentiating yourself from your competitors. If those three factors were clearly set, then your company will certainly have/gain a competitive edge.

Matt also reflects that one of the most important factors for his business success would be considered to be customer service. He considers customer service to be very important inside his company. He stresses out that customer service is the most direct member contact they have, while also noting that it is imperative to creating a meaningful experience for his members. By contributing exceptional support, their customers will certainly comprehend that Vinyl Me, please will always do anything to find solutions for their problems.


 Matt Fiedler, a successful CEO of Vinyl me, please and one of many bright people to be featured in Bright Ideas. By sharing his strategies and experiences we hope to educate future generations and inspire people in the business world to do the same.


What is Vinyl me, please? Vinyl me, please is a record of the month club!

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Want to know more about Matt? Find him on Twitter: @iammattfiedler

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