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Bright Ideas: B2C Marketing Experience with Ryan Farley @rj_farley

Introducing Ryan Farley, Co-founder and Head of Growth at LawnStarter, to Bright Ideas.

Our ops team provides over-the-top customer support, so that those customers realize we care and we will do anything to fix the problem.

To debut our online magazine, Bright Ideas, we got to know Ryan Farley.

With problem-solving being a major component of running any business, we asked Ryan to share his thoughts. Ryan believes in approaching problems differently depending on the size and importance. If the problem is relatively small, Ryan says to address it head on, but for larger problems he suggests to think about it for at least twelve hours before making any decisions. Not all problems require immediate decisions, sometimes taking time to analyze the situation creates better solutions.

Technology and organization are also key components to making decisions and running a successful business. Ryan contributes his success to Google Docs, sharing hundreds of spreadsheets and files with all kinds of people necessary for managing LawnStarter efficiently. “If they shut it [Google Docs] down, I don’t know what I’d do.”

We asked Ryan to share his experience in the Business to Consumer world to help enlighten fellow business people.

Focusing on Ryan’s experience with LawnStarter, he discussed his ideas about customer segmentation, acquisition, and retention. For LawnStarter, Ryan says choosing a target group of customers was pretty simple: anyone who has a lawn and does not want to go through the trouble of caring for it is a prime target.

So how did they reach these customers? Ryan said direct mail was the most effective because it’s what his consumers are used to. This goes to show that keeping it simple can be effective when promoting your business.

When reflecting on the best strategies to keep these customers satisfied and loyal, Ryan says simply providing an awesome product. If your customers love your service or product, they will continue to use it. Focusing on the quality of your product pays off in customer satisfaction and retention.

What is the best method to gain a competitive edge?

In regards to competition, Ryan says that premium positioning is the best way to battle competitors in the market. Once you have the premium spot, you can go downmarket, but trying to do the opposite is ineffective. Positioning your company as superior from the start prevents building your company from the bottom of the market later.

Ryan also considers customer service to be extremely important to his business success. He notes that customer service problems are inevitable and are bound to happen occasionally. However, his operations team provides over-the-top customer support to combat these issues. By providing outstanding support, their customers realize the LawnStarter team cares and will do anything to fix the problem.

Ryan Farley is a successful Co-founder and the first of many bright people to be featured in Bright Ideas. By sharing his strategies and experiences we hope to educate future generations and inspire people in the business world to do the same.

What is LawnStarter? LawnStarter provides care free lawn care to consumers while helping local lawn care businesses scale and operate more efficiently.

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Want to know more about Ryan? Find him on Twitter: @rj_farley