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Introducing Sergio Campano, Digital Marketing Manager at Vitcord, to Bright Ideas.

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This week, to continue our online magazine Bright Ideas, we got to know Sergio Campano.

To start, Sergio gave us a small description of what Vitcord does. Vitcord is a collaborative app, where you can record clips simultaneously with your friends in any part of the world and make a collaborative video together.

In this interview, we asked Sergio to share his experience in the Business to Business world to help enlighten fellow business people.

You start your day: Checking my cell phone.

You end your day: Surfing the internet.

When a problem arises, how do you approach it? Checking options.

What is an average day at your company? We work in different cities and countries but within a single team.

How did you choose your target group of customers and what steps did you follow for segmentation?

How: ROI, competition, volume, international scalability.
Segmentation: Lifestyle, codes, platforms, networks.

Which channels were the most effective in reaching your customers?

Facebook, Email Marketing, and Events.

What strategies were the most effective in retaining your customers?

Give value and feed their ego.

What specifically do you do for keeping your customers active?

Content and features. I mean product. Improve product every day, renew your content every minute.

Which are some of your favorite productivity hacks?

Not work too many hours straight, clean your mind with some 10 minutes of leisure every hour. Some magazine, video, etc. Anything can inspire you for your job.

What was (is) the best way to position your company against your competitors?

The team, our motivation to get the goal.

How important is customer service in your marketing strategies?

Vital. Every single email of our customers is supervised by me. Our users are our blood. Our Facebook page is our main customer info about their concerns.

Do you have an extremely useful App (of course, talking about your business) you cannot live without?

Vitcord reinvents mobile video creating collaborative content. A simple way to connect groups of users in order to create the most powerful and viewed content. Record clips in any part of the world with your friends and grab a collaborative video together.

S ergio Campano, a Digital Marketing Manager of Vitcord and one of many bright people to be featured in Bright Ideas. By sharing his strategies and experiences we hope to educate future generations and inspire people in the business world to do the same.

What is Vitcord? Vitcord is an app that allows you and your group of friends record clips in any part of the world and then create collaborative videos together.
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Want to know more about Sergio? Find him on Twitter: @sergiosetterr

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