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Introducing Will Bunker, Founding Partner of GrowthX Academy, to Bright Ideas.


To continue our online magazine interview, Bright Ideas, we first took a moment to get to know Will Bunker.

Will first took a moment to explain us more about GrowthX Academy and what they offer. GrowthX Academy is a fully immersive program to teach people how to grow companies via three tracks: sales, growth marketing, and UX/UI. We started from a venture capital fund and students work in real companies during the program to learn by doing.

In this interview, we asked Will to share his experience in the Growth Hacking world to help enlighten fellow business people.

The top qualities of a successful growth hacker is viewing everything as a hypothesis and having an insane curiosity of how everything works.

You start your day with: Working out

You end your day with: Reading

When a problem arises, you approach it with: Breaking it down into potential solutions, then effort is required to try solutions and expected payoff.

How did you develop growth hacking skills?

We built the largest dating site of the 90s, OneAndOnly.com. We even took over the Match.com brand after they ran out of money.

How is growth hacking different from normal marketing?

It also involves thinking about the product and iterating on workflows as users interact with the product. Some of the best growth hacks involve changing the product in a way that creates explosive growth.

What are the benefits of growth hacking? How did it help your business?

We built a widget that allowed other sites to have a dating section customized for their audience that fed off of our database of profiles. Over 80% of our revenue came from this channel by the time we sold the company. It allowed us to grow 30% a month.

What are the top qualities of successful growth hackers? Why are these qualities essential?

Viewing everything as a hypothesis and having an insane curiosity about how things work. The digital environment changes rapidly, so responding to feedback and figuring out how things work are essential for staying on top.

What do you believe is the future of growth hacking?

Constantly new emerging channels that aggregate audiences. Each channel has best practices and social norms that have to be mastered to make the channel work.


Will Bunker, a successful CEO of GrowthX Academy, and one of many bright people to be featured in Bright Ideas. By sharing his strategies and experiences we hope to educate future generations and inspire people in the business world to do the same.
What is GrowthX Academy? GrowthX Academy provides students with the crucial skills most startups need, along with industry connections to build a long-term, rewarding career in this exciting and dynamic field.
Want to know more about Will? Find him on Twitter: @wbunker