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Welcome to Bright people! A podcast made by Marketeer regarding the best and top influencers in B2C, B2B and Growth Hacking marketing. Each week, we speak with a different influencer to try to get some inside information to share with you. Stay tuned! Today’s episode is brought to you once again by Marketeer and SoundCloud!

WITH @Oli Gardner

This is our fourth podcast already! In today’s episode, we will talk with Oli Gardner. He is a Marketing & Conversion Optimisation Expert and an International Keynote Speaker. I am sure that today´s episode will help you in Growth Hacking.

Oli is a co-founder of Unbounce. Unbounce builds high-converting landing pages and overlays for your marketing campaigns without the need for developers.

Take your time and enjoy the podcast!

Here are some highlights from the podcast.

[ 4.40 ] ”When a problem arises I try to get to the root as soon as possible.’

[ 6.20 ] ”I actually did not even like Marketeers’

[ 13.05 ] ”The learnings come in the research you do building up your high provinces’ 

[ 14.55 ] ”Do your research on who is the ideal customer, and start on that plan”

[ 17.35] ¨When you start branding something, it becomes a movement, you have to keep the momentum going.¨

[ 18.05 ] ”Be aware that the growth exist beyond the service ‘

If you have any feedback, thoughts and ideas for future interviews with growth hackers, influencers and investors you’d like to see — or just want to share what you’re working on, please comment below!

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