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January 27, 2017by Rudy Bianco

Not happy with your customer engagement? Do you want to find a way to reach your target group? Chatbots can help you!

How customer profiling can increase your sales

Profiling is not about gathering personal information from customers, it’s mostly about gathering information about their buying behaviour and needs. Furthermore you try to find out how your ideal customer would be. Trying to be successful as a business, without truly understanding your target market can be a real challenge. This is why you need to find out what your customers need, demand and expect.

Marketeer can help you gather data about the people’s behaviour on your website! In fact, data can be gathered about what pages are visited most, in what order, and how much time they spend browsing your website. With this data, you can come up with a better plan to engage your customersAn important aspect is also how the customers would prefer to be contacted. Do they want personal contact or could they accept communicating with a chatbot? This is what you need to find out.

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Do people want to interact with chatbots?

According to researches done by Aspect Software: 44% of US citizens would prefer a chatbot over a person. In fact, Public Tableau stated that 29% of customer service positions in the US can be replaced by bots. This could amount to a total saving of $23 billion. 88% of people expect their conversation with the bot to be taken over by a human when necessary, which is great! Marketeer is a hybrid-system which is perfectly capable of maintaining that personal and human touch that people want.

“It’s not completely weird for people 35 or younger to interact with machines, the freakout factor is gone.” – Yory Wursmer eMarketer analyst

I guess we can say that: yes, people do want to interact with chatbots. A modern company wants a modern outlook, chatbots are the solution!

Advantages of chatbotschatbots in tv

Do you think it is a coincidence that Facebook acquired WhatsApp, then Instagram and afterwards offered a SDK for Bots on their Messenger? Just a hint: it’s not. The huge minds are always thinking what the next big thing is, but Zuckerberg wasn’t the first one though. Instead he was the one that really pushed the market to move forward. To make information more accessible in a place everyone spends most of their time: on their phones, was the main goal.

This is where AI with Natural Language Processing wins! NLP is when the system can actually understand human language. This goes greatly in combination with machine learning. How? Well, Marketeer can actually understand what you are implying. This is how we are different from other chatbots: we understand. If you give our bot a large text, our bot searches for the meaning: not just keywords. Other chatbots will just ”error” out on you, whereas Marketeer will search for the actual meaning of the text and tries to give you the most appropriate answer!

Moreover chatbots are extremely suitable and compatible for mobile users. Considering that the mobile usage is extremely high, this is a big advantage. People can not only contact your business via laptops, but also via their mobile phones. People have their phones in near proximity all the time, but this can not be said about laptops and other devices.

“Messaging apps are the platforms of the future and bots will be how their users access all sorts of services.” -Chatbot Magazine

Some conclusions

How Marketeer works? You simply give the bot information, possible answers and questions. So when a customer asks a question, the bot will be answering with the supplied answer. Employees can now focus on the harder questions which need a customized answer. To summarize, there is no need for employees to answer the basic questions anymore. Bots will do it for them! The bot is not even limited to only answering basic questions! You can make it as complicated and intelligent as you want.

Marketeer is the best way to talk directly to your customers via website, email and Facebook Messenger. Especially since it’s a hybrid channel, where you have a chatbot at your live chat that helps you engage, capture and retain customers.

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