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Hima Parvataneni, senior product manager and growth hacker for JustAnswer, to Bright Ideas. Read on to be more successful in growth hacking!

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To continue our online magazine interview, Bright Ideas, we first took a moment to get to know Hima Parvataneni.

To begin, Hima gave us a small description of what JustAnswer does. JustAnswer is an affordable, on-demand online marketplace connecting experts in Hundreds of fields with customers to help them address their questions.

In this interview, we asked Hima to share her experience in the Growth Hacking world to help enlighten fellow business people.

Growing up in a business family provided me with an impact-driven mindset, which through my professional experiences I have come to realize, is a key skill for a growth hacker.

You start your day with: Planning and Scheduling.

You end your day with: Spending time with friends and family.

When a problem arises, you approach it by: Breaking the problem into smaller parts if possible, then come up with potential solutions and ways to test out each solution to solve the problem.

What is an average day at your company? 

1. Identify new growth opportunities for the company through consumer research and analytics.

2. Break the high level opportunity into smaller parts that are easy to test and learn.

3. Define test and learning objectives, work with UX and engineering teams to build these tests.

4. Cycle repeats – use test learning to feed to consumer insights.

How did you develop growth hacking skills?

Entrepreneurial background, my education and experiences led me to where I am. My family owns a leading logistics company in India.

Growing up in a business family provided me with an impact-driven mindset, which through my professional experiences I have come to realize is a key skill for a growth hacker. I have a Masters Degree in Mathematics and Engineering Management and this has helped me form a strong base and gave me the technical, analytical and business background needed for a growth hacker to excel. Past experiences in strategic consulting and marketing research helped me understand the importance of consumer insights in developing successful growth products.

What are some of your favorite productivity hacks?

1. Prepare for the week on Sunday night: These extremely productive, thoughtful, non-interrupted 2 hours with no expectations set me up for a well-planned week.

2. Work from home on Wednesday: As a PM, I am always in meetings during other days of the week. Wednesday’s give me my creative and thinking space. This time away from meetings is extremely effective for strategizing and long term planning.

3. Podcasts and news during my commute help me stay tuned to what’s happening in the world.

4. Complete focus on work during the golden hours – phone on silent, no Facebook during work.

5. Sleep is really important for me and good sleep helps me stay positive, motivated and productive.

How is growth hacking different from normal marketing?

Growth hacking is more about building a growth product which can market itself. Most popular growth hacks use their own product to build a viral loop to gain customers and revenues.

Growth hacking also uses new non-traditional channels to acquire users. In our company, most of the revenue growth in the past year has been through growth marketing.

Growth hackers need to be extremely impact driven people who are motivated by creatively solving problems. They need to have a systematic approach solving business problems.

What are the benefits of growth hacking?

It provides creative, affordable and process-oriented way to approach business problems. We tested and changed the value proposition for our product, improved our UX for login flows by identifying the top benefits and barriers for our members. This helped to grow our membership business by 40% in six months.

Similar process also helped to improve upfront conversions significantly.

What are the top qualities of successful growth hackers?

Growth hackers need to be extremely impact-driven people who are motivated to creatively solve problems. They need to have a systematic approach solving business problems.

First, they have potential solutions or hypotheses to solve the problem. After that, they prioritize and test based on impact and effort, then learn from the tests and finally reiterate till the problem is solved. They need to put customers first and be OK to move on, if the hypothesis fails.

What do you believe is the future of growth hacking?

I see growth hacking as the future of how business leaders make decisions (be it PMs or marketing people). It helps us to understand the ROI of the business decision better.

Each industry is different, but is there some sort of standard steps or best practices for each model to empower successful growth?

1. Value proposition and positioning of your products is really important. Understand what are the key benefits and pain points of your product to your target customers. Combine these insights with competitive analysis to identify the top differentiating value proposition for your product.

2. Focus on customer experience – Make it really easy and with minimal number of interactions for customers to experience the differentiating benefits you identified above. Address the pain points you identified. This is especially true for eCommerce companies.


Hima Parvataneni, a successful Senior Product Manager of JustAnswer, and one of many bright people to be featured in Bright Ideas. By sharing her strategies and experiences we hope to educate future generations and inspire people in the business world to do the same.


What is JustAnswer? JustAnswer is now the web site where anyone can get the answer from doctors, lawyers, mechta

anics or any of our thousands of experts from you to you.

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