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Welcome to Bright people! A podcast made by Marketeer regarding the best and top influencers in B2C, B2B and Growth Hacking marketing. Each week, we speak with a different influencer to try to get some inside information to share with you. Stay tuned! Today’s episode is brought to you again by Marketeer and SoundCloud!

WITH @Jared Billig

This is our third podcast already! In today’s episode, we will talk with Jared Billig. He is a bright growth hacker. Once again, today’s episode will help you understand the fundamentals of growth hacking. Furthermore, we from Bright Ideas, highly believe that this episode will be extremely fruitful. Jared has an interesting look on several things.

Jared currently works for LiquidSky Software Inc. LiquidSky is a cloud-based gaming company that features an open platform, ultra-low latency, and a global server base.

Take your time and enjoy the podcast!



Here are some highlights from the podcast:

[ 5.50 ] ”When a problem arises, i like to take a look at the data.”

[ 10.10 ] ”Pomodoro method is one of the best hacks for my productivity”

[ 10.50 ] ”Growth hacking is really just trying to figure creative ways whether to do campaigns, acquisition or even retention.” 

[ 15.50 ] ”Thinking outside the box, and bringing something to the table another marketeer doesn’t have”

[ 17.10 ] ”The future of growth hacking? I think there will be a lot of tools that will growth hacking something, which is easier to do. 

[ 19.50 ] ”Referral worked out as magic! ”


If you have any feedback, thoughts and ideas for future interviews with growth hackers, influencers and investors you’d like to see or just want to share what you’re working on, please comment below!

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