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October 26, 2016by Rudy Bianco

A Growth Hacking Podcast with Robert Cassard @rjwcassard

Welcome to Bright People: a podcast made by Marketeer regarding the best and top influencers in B2B, B2C and Growth Hacking marketing! Each week, we will speak with a different influencer in order to give you some insider information. Stay tuned!

This is our second podcast with one of the top influencers in the field of growth hacking. Our speaker is a strategist, writer & producer, speaker, and also a #1 bestselling author of Video Growth Hacking for Channel Chiefs. Today’s episode will help you understand the fundamentals of growth hacking. Moreover, this will also help you see what insider experts like Robert think about growth hacking and it’s future.

Starting as a freelance writer/director and becoming an executive producer/creative director, Robert ended up co-founding Voodoo Video Marketing and became CEO of the company for almost 10 years. In addition: Robert Cassard spent some time with us to share his fruitful knowledge, experiences and insights. Take your time and enjoy the podcast!

Here are some interesting bits from the interview:

[ 07:00 ] ‘’The Chinese character for crisis is also the same for opportunity‘’

[ 09.00 ] ‘’People split their brains, they think that content is one thing and platform as another’’

[ 14.40 ] ‘’Work smarter not harder! ‘’

[ 16.40 ] ‘’Content marketing could actually produce the greatest growth’’

[ 23.38 ] ‘’Let go of the past and always be focused on the creative breakthrough’’

[ 25.16 ] ‘’You’ll get rewarded with your video out reach, if you are consistent!’’

If you have any feedback, thoughts or ideas for future interview with growth hackers, influencers and investors you’d like to see or just want to share what you’re working on, please comment below!

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