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Customizing your widget allows you to make our product, into yours.

First of all you are given the ability to turn on and off the live chat and your AI Bot (both cannot be turned off at the same time). This lets you decide how you wish to interact with your customers. From there you can choose how and where your widget appears on your pages. The color of the widget, the buttons and the links can all be changed to compliment your site or to stand out. The design of your widget can also change along with the dimensions of your widget.

The most important part of the widget customization would be the comparison of slider of human to AI bot. This allows you to customize how confident your Bot is. The more confident your bot is the better and more accurate your answer will be (only if you have plenty of information trained into your bot). The more the slider leans towards the human, the more the bot will search for information that is related. This, along with all the information on how to customize your bot is better explained in the video.

With this tutorial you will find out how simple is this task.

User Interface of Marketeer's Widget, Marketeer's Academy
User Interface of Marketeer’s Widget