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New technology rapidly changes the way businesses think and operate. But it also affects the way customers wish to interact with them. Even though a technologically advanced way of interaction between both is needed and desired, it proves to be even more important not to lose the human element. It is definitely a must for companies that wish to capture and appeal to their customers.

Tech vs humans?

Customers demand an experience that has digital advancements, as well as a personalized human interaction. So how can you do both? New technology is more likely to replace the human element than support it. This causes a gap: companies have to be one or the other… Or do they?

How many times have you tried to search for a phone number of a company after making a purchase? Were you able to find it? It is becoming more common for companies to offer their FAQ page instead of a quick personal solution. But why not do both?

Technology should not be considered as a replacement for human intuition and empathy. Tech is rapidly evolving and taking over all sorts of business sectors and markets. Especially one of the more sensitive ones - health- is making a lot of progress. But how far can they go? When working with health, personal connection and empathy are very important. You can’t just let a computer/robot do it. This is why humans and machines should be able to work in harmony.

The human touch

A happy customer is a customer that can relate to a company on a personal and professional level. They need to be able to get what they want, but they also want to have a good experience while getting it. A business should be able to relate to the customer on an emotional level.

The ability to create a personal experience for the customer is something easy to say, but not get it done. How do you approach customers? How can you relate to each of them, when every single person is unique?

Companies should consider both technological and personal services. Why not offer a livechat that has artificial intelligence?

Intelligent chat

90% Bot, 10% human: that’s Marketeer. This perfect cooperation between bot and human ensures the best customer experience and satisfaction. Customers have access to quick answers, but if they want to talk to a human, someone of your team is available!

Hybrid means innovation. Where you get the best of both worlds. The speed of the technology and the touch of the human. — Rudy Bianco, Founder and CEO of Marketeer

This blog originally appeared in Industry4magazine: a project created by Rudy Bianco, serial entrepreneur, founder of the A.I. Startup Marketeer Lab and author of Escribe Tu Futuro — Write Your Future — , that helps to understand the implications of those advances in our daily lives.