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Isn’t it cool to have an online ChatBot at your website that talk with all your visitors?


  • Marketeer is not just a live chat leaving your agents or users alone when there is no agent available.
  • Marketeer is not just a Chatbot that you need time to put online and, if you did not develop correctly, does not provide the right support
  • Marketeer is both together. Human + AI at your customer service. This is the power of a hybrid system with AI to give support to your agents and your users at the same time.

Then, what’s new?

Thinking on improving your customer experience and satisfaction, we found the key feature for giving the power to your business to engage more with your customers.

Marketeer detects if the user is lost while browsing. Also the AI detects if the user has a potential question that should be solved by your team.

Send a targeted message and invite them to chat while they visit your website or talk with the bot. If you send a message to any visitor proactively, this is what happens:

Users open the widget and receive a nice welcome message

They know they are talking with a Bot. Like you see in the image, there are many signs that you are online and they can chat with you if they want or need.


But often, they do not need more than an answer.

They just need a quick answer to their question. Most common questions are: “where is…”, “how do I…”, “I have a problem with…”…

Questions with one clear answer are solved.



While they are talking with the Bot, everything is activated and the power of the speed giving by the technology is the key for your business.

Then your agents react and engage proactively with visitors

So your team detects a user lost at your website. Or the bot is not giving the right answer and lets your team know. Or even if we can know that if we talk with the user at a specific page, we will convert more.

So, we send a targeted message to the user.


What happens is the user sees the agent’s message and gives the option to “Respond to the agent and start a chat” or “Continue talking with the bot”. This is so important to understand. You can try to engage, but users have the last word, so be attractive in your messages 🙂

From Unknown to Known. The key of your marketing strategies

If the users want to respond, they will need to fill up the required information (if it’s not already there, or it’s not a recurrent visitor) so your team will know who is behind.


And of course, the user can decide to not start a chat and continue talking with the Bot. So, again the input to type a message will be activated.



How do you see it? Looks interesting, right?

Then try it yourself!