ChatbotsFutureTechWhy is Industry 4.0 so customer-driven?

February 7, 2017by Rudy Bianco

Customer driven innovation has a key role in everyone’s lives.

It’s all about making life easier, more comprehensible, and high-speed.

Before reading this article you might want to freshen up your knowledge on ”Industry 4.0”?

Long drives to the doc? No thanks.

health check mobile device
Check your health on your iPad or phone!
Let’s take one of the most important ones: health care. With new developments, diseases can be cured and the general life-span can become longer. You can even check your own pulse and blood pressure right at home! No need to call a doctor, make an appointment and battle nature on your way to the clinic, do it from the couch while watching Netflix. 

Life can be so much easier!

smartwatch IoT internet of things
Smartwatches help you stay connected- wherever you are

New innovations allow for a more comfortable life-style. You can read a good book in the car behind the steering wheel, make your house nice and warm before you get home, stay social through your watch and best of all: your bed can make you coffee.

No need to waste time!

You take your phone, google a company, look for their phone number, check their opening times, find the needed documents and prepare what you’re going to say- only for them to put you on hold because they’re busy. And that all for a simple: where do I find the return document?

It’s a simple question, but yet you invest a lot of time in getting the answer. Was it worth it? No!


Marketeer at work!

This is where chatbots step in. They give you instant replies, and correct ones! Not only can you contact them at 3am when you’re feeling like it, you also don’t have to deal with the anxiety that comes with making a call and talking to humans *shivers*.

Stay efficient and innovative! People demand new and advanced ways of contacting a company. Not only that: they also want a personal touch! How can you combine these things? With Marketeer you create the perfect combination of human and machine!

Time efficient for you, trouble and money saving for the company!

If people embrace bots in large numbers, it could trigger the biggest gold rush in software development since Apple opened the App Store. — Casey Newton

So let’s take a minute to appreciate all this effort. Companies are investing in- and investigating new ways to make you healthier and happier!

Industry4magazine is a project created by Rudy Bianco, founder of Marketeer Lab and author of Escribe Tu Futuro — Write Your Future, that helps to understand the implications of those advances in our daily lives.

I’m so curious about the future and I always want to participate in it.

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