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March 3, 2017by Rudy Bianco

This year starts good withoptimasolutions a new partner- Optima Solutions.

Optima Solutions

Optima offers solutions and online help technology for companies willing to improve their customers’ online experience, reduce costs and optimize their capture, sales and loyalty processes-CAU Technology, Helpdesk and Support Centers. The solution is specially designed for corporate support and user support services, computer problems, incidents or application management.
Cloud and on-site
Choose between modality in ‘the cloud’ with annual subscription in our servers or modality in the premise of single payment and installed in its infrastructures.
Corporate Branding
Customise the support tool with your brand image.
Integrated in your company
Scalable, designed to integrate with Active Directory and internal corporate systems, such as CRM, ERP or Ticketing systems.


They also help you integrate into:
  • Integrate / develop

They can help you integrate any of our support technologies or online help with the systems in your corporate environment and develop new solutions.

  • Measure

They create reports and dashboards as they consult the most relevant data derived from the use of their technologies.

  • Customize

They also customize a remote support technologies and online help with your brand image to integrate within your strategy and corporate philosophy.

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