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I’ve never talked to a business manager who doesn’t want to grow the profit for his company.

All the time we are thinking of how we can differentiate our businesses from others to give added value to our customers, but just a few people get the key to success.

The one area where companies can differentiate themselves in a sustained way, is through commitment to provide their clients perfect services.

Having this in mind, few month ago Marketeer started a strategy to rebuild our UIX to give you the ultimate tool for achieving better results.


Activate Hybrid Live Chat

And let the system learn from your interactions to build your knowledge base and reply your customers 24/7.


What if we can see who is online and what they are doing and can call them?

Send targeted messages to your online visitors and engage with them.


At the same time you are chatting with your customers, Marketeer  helps you in real-time to find the right answer.

It will recommend during the conversation which is the right answer to give, without making you think.


When you have built a knowledge base, Activate the Autonomous Mode and let the machine work for you.

Marketeer will reply instantly to your customers backing on the information you provided at the knowledge base.


And this is just the beginning of your top priorities. We think that customer experience and success are more than a software. It is part of the culture of the company that focuses in their growth strategy.


I’d love to listen to your feedback.

If you need any additional help please let me know. Now, you know how to reach me out!

Have a nice & successful day!
And I’ll be waiting for your reply.