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February 3, 2017by Rudy Bianco

I bet you have contacted a business before with a specific question. You can contact them via email, phone, app, etc. In lots of cases, your email doesn’t get a reply for whatever reason, and you have to be redirected several times before you can speak to the right person if you approach them by phone. As groovy as their music is when you’re on hold, it’s kind of frustrating. A lot of time goes into this, but is it necessary?

The need for an integrated customer service mechanism has been around for a while. It wasn’t until more recent years, that technology has caught up to our wildly imaginative and creative minds. There are a few of these mechanisms available, but what makes Marketeer so special? Before we can answer that question, here is some basic knowledge you should be aware of.


Artificial intelligence
What we want to see in the most automated systems, is that they work as independently as possible, and are able to make the right decisions based on the circumstances. How can we achieve this? Bots with artificial learning intelligence are able to gather and assess the results of previous situations.

When we are talking about a customer service application that is fully automated, but accessible at any moment when personal assistance is needed: it will adjust and react to certain situations based on previous encounters. If the customer asks a certain question and appears to be discontent with the answer, it might learn to take a different approach next time.


“The basic human senses like seeing, hearing, language, core things that we do, I think it’s possible to get to the point in the next five to ten years where we have computer systems that are better than people at each of those things,” -Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO (April, 2016)

The extent to which a bot can develop itself is entirely up to you. If you have a certain limit set, but the system is not efficient enough, you might have a problem. This would mean you have to step in and take over more than it is probably necessary. If you adjust, or better yet remove this limit, you will come to the point where the system/bot can be nearly perfected.


Machine learning

This is a part of AI, that focuses on old data and given information. The bot is programmed to look at old data, then derive conclusions and predictions from this. The given outcome of what the bot learns, is not programmed: just the ability to learn. Machine learning is all about predicting and learning from given patterns and experiences.

“The potential benefits of creating intelligence are huge, we cannot predict what we might achieve when our own minds are amplified by AI. Perhaps with the tools of this new technological revolution, we will be able to undo some of the damage done to the natural world by the last one – industrialization. And surely we will aim to finally eradicate diseases and poverty.’’ -Stephen Hawking

Deep learning

Some AI algorithms use deep learning. This technique is based on a multiple-algorithm model with a large data set. The process of multi-step processing allows for better results and decisions to be made by the bot in question. The main goal of this technique is to create a bot that can perform even in complicated situations.


marketeer-fb-messengerWhat makes Marketeer unique?

Marketeer is a hybrid intelligence which allows both the employees and the bot to communicate with the customer. The great thing about this hybrid system is that it still has that personal touch. You, as a customer, do not get standard answers. This is a totally different experience from those annoying automated CR systems who never really seem to understand your question.

“Hybrid means innovation, where you get the best of both worlds. The speed of the technology and the touch of the human” – Rudy Bianco, Founder and CEO of Marketeer

Not only is our bot highly developed, but it is also supported by an employee. This employee can take over the conversation at any moment if the bot cannot give the answer you are looking for. This means: when you approach the bot with a question, you will probably get a satisfying answer in return. If not, an alert will be send to our team and an employee will jump in. This employee will give you a personalized and specific answer to your question.

The close relationship between the bot and the employee will ensure that all customers receive an appropriate answer to their question. Customer support is not only limited to mail, and chat. It can also assist you on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, for example. Want to know more? Please visit our website and sign up for free!




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