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So while searching for interesting articles on Artificial Intelligence, I came across this gem. This article written by Graham Cooke inspired me to further research this subject and share it with you!

Let me start off by giving you a nice example of how A.I. and technology can greatly influence the way we behave and live! A few years ago, (programmatic) ads were introduced, and what a fest it was. Targeting customers has never been so easy. It changed the way businesses harnessed data, targeted online, and made more strategic decisions about brand opportunities: completely.


The history of Machine Learning

In the 1950s, Alan Turing predicted that machine learning would play a massive role in future society: and he was right. He revealed his visions to the world in his paper: ‘’Turing Test’’. It is a test that measures a computer’s intelligence, it requires that humans should be unable to distinguish machine from human.

typewriter live chat old school customer engagement
Livechat? Outdated!


Machine learning in a nutshell

This is a part of Artificial Intelligence which focuses on learning from data and information. Machine Learning computers don’t specifically have to be programmed in great detail: the learning outcomes are not predetermined. If you give it enough freedom, it may even learn to improve its own algorithms.

Machine learning has the actual ability to improve and revolutionise the way businesses interact with their customers. How? Well, let me break it down for you:


How we implement it in customer service

Let me just introduce chatbots for a second. This is a virtual little helper who will soon be your best friend. This little helper will help you answer customer enquiries and make your business more efficient. Instead of having 200 employees: you will need around 5-10! Why? Because chatbots are not lazy, chatbots don’t go on lunch break, and chatbots beat EVERYONE at multitasking. So, while your valued employee is outside for a quick smoke- let’s say for about 4 minutes- the chatbot will have already answered all customer enquiries, no matter how great is the amount. And you want to know something else? Your chatbot can speak several languages, and quite fluently!

Okay, maybe that wasn’t the quickest introduction ever… I just got a bit too excited. 😉

“Chat is a mediator, not an end point, between you and me, me and my work, me and my documents,” he said. “As a mediator, (chatbots) are just an extension of the computing platform, of the cell phone.”

Where machine learning and chatbots add value

Now here comes the fun part: benefits. Who doesn’t love them? (Don’t answer that.) Let me just tell you that there are many, but I won’t list them all here. I’m sure you can think of a few missing ones.

  • It can process large texts in seconds
  • It can personalize
  • You can spare setting up a whole call center or large customer service department
  • Your team can focus on other things
  • No need to be alert all the time
  • Employees won’t come home, humming that annoying ring tone you have
  • Your chatbot can come over as a real human, which will benefit the customer experience
  • Customers can contact you on every platform imaginable


Our solution

Now when you know all the benefits, you’re probably super curious. We are Marketeer. We offer a chatbot solution in 8 languages (at the moment), on Skype, Facebook Messenger, via email and on Slack. What makes us special is the fact that our chatbot is actually a hybrid-model. This means that whenever the chatbot detects that it is not giving the right answer, you ge

t a notification asking you to jump in!

This is great! Because what if you can’t get the right answer at once? You have to email and wait? That kind of beats the whole purpose of offering an ‘innovative, quick’ solution. This is why our hybrid-system wins!


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