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So the last day of 4YFN is over, sadly. After three days full of networking, chatting, and attending side-events we can say that it was a great event.

There were so many interesting pitches, workshops and showcases! Today, the main topic of discussion was digital media.

Diversity in the workplace

A pitch I found to be interesting was conducted by Anne Mette Hoyer, Head of Business Relations, IoT at Predictive Maintenance SAP and Nicaise Ishimwe, Applications Specialist– QA Analyst at Emovis Technologies Ireland. These two women discussed how diversity in a workplace attracts the best minds. In their workshop, they discussed ways to influence a team’s diversity and use it as a strategic tool for success.

There are several elements used when developing a successful new product or service whether it is the innovation, the timing, or the marketing but one element we tend to forget is the diversity of the development team. It is detrimental to include different insights and perspectives from individuals in the workplace in order to execute your product or service to its fullest potential.

Influence of millennials in the workforce

Marketeer, 4YFN, Artificial Intelligence

The Millennial generation, a generation of adventurous entrepreneurs who understand technology better than any generation on this planet. They are well-educated young people who have a drive for multi-tasking. In fact, they are one of the biggest targeted consumers for many tech companies and products. Three top women executives: NEERACHA TAYCHAKHOONAVUDH of SVP Alliances & Digital Transformation Division Salesforce, JANAE MCDONOUGH VP at MoPub/Twitter, and IVO LUKAS, CEO and Founder of 24Notion, discussed the influence the Millennial generation has in the workforce. With over 80 million Millennials in the U.S., they are the fastest growing generation in the workforce and it is heavily impacting the work environment. These women discussed the different opportunities and challenges in working with Millennials and how that is affecting the customer experience innovation.

Marketeer’s experience!

Marketeer, 4YFN, Artificial Intelligence

Have you listened to our pitch in the Startup Pitching Session? You should have! Our CEO- Rudy Bianco talked about Marketeer, chatbots, AI, and its usefulness in customer support!

Throughout the event we had the opportunity to discuss AI, machine learning, Natural Language Processing, and the best customer support, with so many interesting people, companies, and experts. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our awesome experience at 4YFN this year! See you next time!

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