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July 11, 2016by Rudy Bianco

A help desk is where all of your FAQs and information will be placed.

This is crucial on your page because customers will use this if they have multiple questions. They may also use this page if their curiosity is sparked about the product. Although your bot will have all this information trained and stored into its program, it is still important to have a location where all of this is accessible. Marketeer provides a help desk option along with the service provided. In the link above, we have created a Tutorial Video that shows you how to customize your help desk.

In this tutorial, I guide you through the creation of your help desk. This is where all your FAQs and general data is placed into a document style page. I explain how simple it is to create folders and categorize your FAQs. I take you step by step on how to customize your content in each folder and arrange the order of the content. In the end of the video I provide an example of how your Help Desk may appear once all your information has been placed on the Help Desk.


Video Tutorial how to build a help desk portal, Marketeer’s Academy.

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