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We are excited to announce our new Chrome Extension! Now you can see how many users are online, how many unread messages you have and turn cold visitors into hot prospects, all this while not actually being on your website!





You can find our newest feature in the Google Crome store, this tool can be used to quickly acces all the information you need to know about the activities at your website.

Benefits that come along with the new extension:

       – See which agents are online.

       – See how many current active chats you have

       – See how many unread messages you have

       – Put yourself “Online” or “Offline”

       – Receive instant notifications from your online users

       – See in real time when an unknown visitor is turned to a known lead

Install It Now!

After you downloaded it, you just go to your Chrome extensions and activate the extension. And there you have it, your new powerful tool that can be used to manage your website without even being on it!

Marketeer Chrome Extension


We’d recommend this company to any sector or firm that has an emphasis on customer service, direct sales, and has enough critical mass traffic. Marketeer is the solution to any company with a focus on Customer Service and Engagement.

-Joan Mayans, Government of Catalonia


Marketeer helps you to talk to your customers by the channel they love. With its unique machine learning environment, you improve customer acquisition & retention with the least amount of resources.

Today, engaging and giving the right support is a challenge. Customers contact us using different channels that are difficult to handle. With Marketeer you have not only one place to talk with your customers from the channel that they like most, but you can also try it now for free! Start your 14 day trial here