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In an age dependent on technological efficiency, don’t let your company get lost in the competition.


Our ancestors discovered new continents with inadequate maps, but we can’t find a new building without digital directions.

Do you remember the last time you used a paper map to guide your family road trip? But then you made a wrong turn because you couldn’t read the road signs? For most of us, this hasn’t been an issue in the past 15 years. Ever since GPS has been made readily accessible on mobile phones, computers, and even cars we have the convenience of immediate directions with the touch of a few buttons. We have reached a point where it is hard to imagine life without a GPS. We are becoming a culture dependent on programs to direct us when we are lost and deliver accurate results.

Lost without Technology

Adapting to Survive

Just like any new invention, GPS units faced some challenges when they first hit the market. The displays were not always easy to read, the battery life was weak, and the systems often confused customers, leaving them misguided or forever waiting for the system to reroute. So many customers stuck to their trusty atlas as a means of direction, despite the limited area and minimal detail. Then, newer units were introduced that gradually improved each problem area until now, where we have GPS programs in almost all of our technology devices, including smartphones, computers, and even cars.

As technology has advanced, so has the GPS. We started with handheld devices, such as Garmin and TomTom, which we stored in our cars for long road trips. Then in 2005, we discovered Google Maps that would allow us to print out directions from a web browser to take with us. As phones advanced, so did the GPS programs and now we have GPS and Google Maps available in app form. Keeping their customers in mind, GPS creators soon recognized the danger of looking at our phones while driving. To enhance safety and convenience, many new cars now include a GPS system or at least provide a Bluetooth option, so that Siri can read directions over the speaker.

Jacob Sempler realized that he was addicted to his smartphone after nearly being hit by a car while walking down the streets of Stockholm.


This program has revolutionized the way we travel in many ways. Not only dealing with a paper map is inconvenient, but also you are doing all the work. GPS units not only calculate the fastest route, but they offer alternatives, read directions out loud, and show details such as local restaurants or emergency service facilities nearby. They even give you the number of miles left, followed by an estimated time of arrival so you can plan accordingly.

In a world flooded with technological advances, we see the benefit of such an efficient program to replace an old nuisance.

How can you compete?

Over the past few years we have started relying more on devices such as GPS units to save time, money, and effort. In a world where time is money, we can’t afford being inefficient, especially in our business dealings. Every business recognizes the importance of customer acquisition and retention, and we have tried over and over again to improve this aspect of our companies, but alas we struggle.

No matter how many customer service representatives we hire or how well trained they are, there is still something holding us back from expertly navigating the customer service world. Similar to the GPS, we need a way to minimize our efforts and let a program think for us. Fortunately, this system already exists.

Marketeer allows your company to sit in the passenger seat while your customers enjoy the benefits of 24/7 service and never put on hold.

The Marketeer software will be your most efficient employee as it sends responses faster than you could even read the question. The software learns correct responses from the first time, so there are no additional training expenses necessary. Just as our society has evolved, Marketeer has become the new forefront of customer service through its compatibility with various apps, including Email, Facebook and Mobile Apps. Technology is advancing every day, and the last thing you want to do is leave your customers behind. This hybrid human-machine model is not only the key to customer service now, but also a necessity of the future.

Are You Ready To Join The Race Of Technology?

Ready to join the race of Technology?

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by Kayla Grady – Marketing Marketeer