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November 11, 2016by Rudy Bianco–_Hybrid_Human-Machine_Live_Customer_Communication__Anytime__Anywhere__Even_when_you_are_not_online_-1024x388.png

We work hard on a daily basis to offer you, our beloved customers, the best solution for lead capturing and customer support.

These are the new features of Marketeer.

Firstly, a Better UIX

We have adjusted the interface for better UIX. You might be thinking; ”UIX? What the hell is that?” Well, UIX stands for User Interface XML.  We went from a fixed-size UIX to an auto-sizeable UIX. So this means that the text dictates the size of the UIX. Have a look:

Select this template at Widget Settings > Template.

Secondly, we’ve added tutorials to all pages

We want to help you improve your skills with tutorial videos. Customising your widget has never been so easy as before! Furthermore, we’ve added more content to our knowledge base help.

Thirdly, we’ve added one of the coolest features!

After sending an email from Marketeer’s CRM, you will have the possibility to see when the clients are online! CHECK IT 

Finally, Better Engagement

Marketeer is even more intelligent. Sending targeted messages has never been as simple as it is now. If the bot has doubts about the answer it is giving, it will notify you at the dashboard to help out, even if it’s an unknown visitor. Check Video


With love,

Team Marketeer


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