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1. A new chapter has started for Marketeer!

Our international team in Barcelona is growing steadily and we have put together a great group of young motivated people. For this reason we needed to move to a bigger working space and finally found an amazing spot right in the heart of Barcelona! However, when the last days at our office in the amazing Telefónica building arrived we all felt a bit sad about having to say goodbye to our friends from other start-ups which also were part of the incubator Wayra. But of course we are thrilled to be stepping forward and can’t wait to explore all the nice spots surrounding our new location during lunch breaks and after-work drinks! 🙂

2. Mornings4: We bring you all the news about the fourth industrial revolution!

There are definitely many exciting things awaiting us! Currently, we are working on a project called mornings4 which is not only a news portal where we gather everything about the fourth industrial revolution. It is also a network to connect with speakers such as scientists, CEOs of tech companies, influencer and other people interested in new technologies and innovations of the future. Therefore we will regularly be organising events across Spain where we want to invite everybody interested in the newest technologies and news about changes happening in the future. The amazing part of mornings4 will be the chance to listen to many great speakers to discuss all kinds of topics related to industry4 and to hear insider knowledge from well-known people. Visit mornings4 on Facebook to stay updated about the events!

3. We are hiring!

Additionally, as we now have the new office with a lot more space and options to grow we are hiring people for various position to enrich our multicultural team which at the moment consists of people from France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Argentina and Nicaragua. Currently we are looking for an HR Assistant, Community Manager, Front-End Developer and if you have experience in digital media design feel free to send us your application! To find out more about the available jobs visit our blog or click here to apply directly! We are looking forward to your application and welcoming YOU in our amazing team!

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