Customer ExperienceThis Plugin Will Improve the Customer Service in Your WordPress Page!

September 12, 2017by Quincy Marchena

We are glad to show you our new hybrid plugin for WordPress pages! The plugin makes it possible to have a 24×7 automated multilingual customer service which features advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing. It is designed to activate your automated customer service in your webpage in just 5 minutes!


How do I install the new plugin in WordPress?

Installing the Marketeer plugin is very easy. You can find it here at the official site of WordPress, just follow these steps! Go to the “Plugins” menu in your WordPress instance and select “Add new”. Search for “Marketeer”, select “Install” on the “Marketeer” plugin by “Marketeerlab”. The next step is to activate the plugin and navigate to settings > Marketeer and add your API key to enable your chat bot. And if you don’t know how to find your API key, go to your Marketeer account and go to settings. Easy as that, just like the chatbot!

“Automated customer service, chatbots, where would I need that for?”

It is very important to connect and engage with your customers quickly. Most people will stop doing business after experiencing a bad customer service. Most visitors will leave in 15 seconds when they can’t find what they need. And we all know there is nothing more annoying than not finding what you need. This new plugin makes it possible to connect your website, Facebook, E-mail and many more to answer all your customers’ questions in real-time and manage everything in one dashboardTransfer your E-commerce to conversational commerce, connect your store directly to Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. Give your customers the option to choose the channel they want to use to contact you and make use of the great Omni-channel strategy.

Omnichannel is a multichannel sales approach that provides the customer with an integrated shopping experience whether the customer is shopping online from a desktop, mobile device, smartphone or in a physical store.


“And what is this hybrid plugin, what makes it hybrid?”

We create chatbots by using Artificial Intelligence which learn from human-to-human conversations and customer behaviour. Marketeer combines the power of the most advanced technology and the perfection of human intelligence to respond users extremely fast and accurate.

We transform YOUR E-Commerce into a Conversational Commerce to sell over social networks and messaging apps. Then, Conversational Commerce is the new way to sell by interacting with the customers like in a physical store. You might have some questions, doubts, or maybe you are looking for something very specific. In these cases you would like to talk to someone, but now that technology is here. With our A.I.(Artificial Intelligence), NLP ( Natural Language Pocessing in different languages) and Cognitive A.I. (a method to simplify the conversations by using bots which will be more intelligent each time you talk to it), we can sell for you. 

With Marketeer we don’t only sell your product, we also give your customers the service they need. When the bot doesn’t know the answer it will be taken over by a real co-worker right away! The bot will learn by the takeover of the human, so next time it will be able to answer the question.

“Alright, but what do you offer besides the bot?”

Moreover, the chatbot offer the opportunity to follow the customer’s interaction in your web page real time. You will be able to analyze your customer’s behaviour, make patterns of the customer behaviour, classify them and compare the data through time. In fact, this leads to the opportunity to predict the future of your business. You will be able to react in advance to create a better customer service based on processed data to interact even better with your customers. There’s also the option of voice recognition, like Siri, to interact with the bot to strengthen the idea of interacting like in a physical store! And last but not least, we are the only company that enables you to automate your E-mail.

Therefore, the WordPress plugin offers you a mobile and desktop optimized hybrid chat widget in 8 languages which is highly customizable. We have a user friendly dashboard which features the options of advanced analytics, 24×7 support with the best of both worlds and give the opportunity to make the bot as smart as you want. And most important, everything is super easy to use.


Marketeer. Predict. Interact. React.


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