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A few years ago, Marketeer participated in the South Summit event in Madrid as a small startup with high potentials.

Now, 3 years after, Marketeer will be back at the South Summit event, and of course, with a stand! The South Summit event is a great meeting place for everyone. With more than 300 journalists, 600 investors, 3000 startups and 12000 attendees, it is a place to be guarenteed to boost your business no matter what.

“What will we as Marketeer show at our stand?”

Our team has made some great progress since the last South Summit, and we are proud to show our new Marketeer! The new Marketeer is our secret technology to build bots that schedule meetings, sell in e-commerce and give 24×7 customer service all in one product.

Now you probably are thinking: How does it work?“. The Marketeer software will be superior to your most efficient employees, as it sends responses faster than a human could even read a question. The software learns correct responses the first time, so there are no additional training expenses involved. Marketeer has become the new forefront of customer service through its compatibility with various apps, including email, Facebook and mobile apps.

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             Track                                   Analyze                                    Predict                                   Interact                                      Help                                         Sell

We transform your E-Commerce into a Conversational Commerce to sell over social networks and messaging apps

Conversational AI, Omnichannel, Customer Service

Conversational Commerce is the new way to sell by talking to customers like in a real physical store. You might have some questions, doubts, or you want to search for a product with specific characteristics. In such cases, you need to talk to someone. Well, now that technology is here. With our AI (Artificial Intelligence), NLP (Natural Language Processing in several languages) and our unique Cognitive AI (a method to simplify the conversation with bots and make the process more intelligent each time you talk with it), we can sell for you. Customer service needs to be comprehensive. It can be a huge handicap for your company, as 90% of people will leave a company after experiencing bad customer service. This segment requires a lot of information management and support. Thanks to Marketeer’s Certified Partners, we offer special corporate solutions, adding efficiency where your company needs it.



Come and visit us, we would like to meet you!

We are very excited about the whole event and we hope that you are too! For more information about the event visit the South Summit website and keep following our blog, and hopefully we will see you there!