MainUpdates of this Week: New Website, New Blog, New Features and New Videos

July 8, 2016by Rudy Bianco

Bright Ideas by Marketeer

We work hard to do our best in design and UIX.

New Marketeer Blog

Like you are seeing, this is new Blog. New content generated by Marketeer’s team.

We work daily to meet and analyse what is really important for our market, and we make researches to find the the solution and advises. restyling

We added content, videos, demos, use cases and much more. Also we are working on multilingual aspects like Spanish and German.

New Marketeer Website 2016 Mockup



New Videos Tutorials and Content

More intuitive video tutorials for helping our users as much we can.

New Website Mockup Marketeer

How to Train Marketeer AI BOT:

How to build my Help Desk Portal


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