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Professional marketeers know that customer support is becoming the most powerful tool for gaining clients and to building long term relationships.
83% of surveyed shoppers said they needed some form of support during their online journey” (According to Graham Charlton)
That is to say,  by meeting such need through online support, you can be the top choice for customers when there are too many options. Charlton also mentions that
they also expect to receive support quickly. 71% expect some assistance within five minutes. If they don’t get it, 48% will abandon the site.
In other words, instant customer support will at least help you hold the 48% of customers and exceed the need of 71% of your clients.

Given that instant online support helps companies win customers, live chat has become a trending topic and favorable tool for both online websites and businesses of customer service.


The key is to have your agents online 24/7. However, hiring people to work for you all the time is money-consuming.

Marketeer solves that problem by having virtual agents helping online visitors and human agents. Marketeer automatically can chat with customers with a human like conversation thanks to the large knowledge base. Knowledge base is a database of questions and answers, where all the information which your Marketeer bots learns is stored, that is the virtual memory of your Marketeer’s brain. You can add as much information as possible to ensure all the users’ questions are solved.

Marketeer realtime predictive live chat