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Customer-driven innovation has a key role in everyone’s life. It makes life easier, more understandable and faster.

Before reading this article, perhaps you could refresh your knowledge of “Industry 4.0”

Long distance to go to the doctor? No thanks.

health check mobile device
Check your health on your iPad or phone!
Let’s take one of the most important: health care. Diseases can be cured with new developments and life expectancy might be longer. You can even check your own pulse and blood pressure, at home! There is no need to call a doctor, make an appointment, or go to the clinic. Do it from the couch while watching Netflix.

Life can be much easier!

smartwatch IoT internet of things
The Smartwatches help you to be connected wherever you are

Innovations allow a more comfortable lifestyle. You can read a good book in the car – behind-the-wheel, heat your home and make it more enjoyable before reaching home, be connected through your clock and best of all: your bed can make you a cup of coffee.

There is no need to waste time!

You take your mobile phone, search for a copnay, check their opening hours, find the necessary documents and prepare what you will say. But then your call is on hold because they are busy. And all that for a simple: where can I find the document for return?

It is a simple question, but still you invest much time in having the answer. Is this necessary? No!


Marketeer at work!

Here is where the chatbots make their entrance. You get instant answers, and correct ones! Not only you can contact them at 3 am because you wanted it, you also save time on dealing with the anxiety of having to make a call and speak with * chilling * humans.

Keep yourself efficient and innovative! People demand new, advanced ways of contacting a company. Not only that: people also want a personal contact! How can you combine these things? Create the perfect combination of human and machine with a Marketeer!

Efficient for you and saving money for the company and problems!

If people widely accepted the use of bots, this could represent the new gold rush on issues of software-Casey Newton

Let’s take a minute to appreciate all this effort. The companies are investing and researching new ways to make you more healthy and happy!

Industry4magazine is a project created by Rudy Bianco, Marketeer Lab founder and author of write your future – Write Your Future -, to try to understand the implications of these developments in our daily lives.

I am very curious about the future and always want to participate in it.

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