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And our last customisable feature, the contextual environments. Set your script as part of a folder to make contextual information preferred.
All the folders have the ability to use it as context in the natural language processing of your widget.

For example: You divide the information between areas, sales, marketing, support. Those areas have their own special content, but all your knowledge base has to share those contents.
This is what you see when you ask “How do I add a question?” inside our dashboard, below the context “Support“.


But, using contextual information, you will receive the “same correct answer” but with different related questions,when you ask the same in our public website, that is related to “Sales” context,.


Then, at your dashboard, to help users, you add a tag inside your script, that allow you to put the context to the user questions. Giving contexts is giving “priorities” to the user’s question. If you have a SaaS company, where the user could ask sales and support questions, and if you put a context inside your dashboard for support, when the user asks something like “How do I upgrade my plan”, the answer inside support will be prior over sales. Also the related questions to this answers. If inside support Marketeer did not match or matched with low percentage, it will check inside other contexts to see possible results.

Then with this feature, you could have a tremendous amount of information shared between departments and give exact answers to each specific question of the user, without headaches for the user usability.




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