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Improving your UIX sometimes is the key for success.

Our amazing dashboard gives you full control of your Marketeer’s look and feel. You can change almost everything: style, colors, fonts, at your support center page or your widget.

With those and many other little changes, you can improve drastically your online self-service and lead capture strategy. After you have to think about bringing traffic to your website, giving whatever your visitor needs, making them feel comfortable and leading them to buy your product.

Let’s start:

1. Basic Widget

Similar style to other live chat software, but with the uniqueness of intelligent auto-responses accessing to your knowledge base.

Marketeer looks like any other live chat software for a reason. With this, we avoid the friction of the user to understand a new platform or tool. It will help to grab the attention of the user quickly but with a big difference from any other live chat. With Marketeer the user will get instant responses without waiting and it will work 24/7.

Let’s have a look at some of the themes.

These are typical widget themes used for live chats:





This mode allows you to avoid the step of opening the widget to ask. The user can directly ask something through the widget in the minimized mode.

Marketeer Widget Accio



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