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I would like to give you some resources that will improve your self-service and customer satisfaction using Marketeer. Having the summer here, you can use Marketeer to work for you when you are at your holidays!

Marketeer is a system that can answer customers questions online, in real time, and in natural language. Obviously, the assistant can only answer the questions that it has the answers for.

I suggest to:

  1. Create short questions and concise answers, but with enough information. Begin with the most important questions, 15 is a good amount. <Create a Knowledge Base>
  2. The easiest way to improve your Marketeer’s performance is by using the Trainer. It’s located at your Dashboard > the tab Your Widget. Every question you ask, you train the answer. <More info here>
  3. Copy and paste the code on your Web page <Your code here>
  4. And last step: engage more with your users adding proactivity to your widget<Improving engagement and customer satisfaction>

With these 4 simple steps, you have improved your self-service and can be online 24/7, engaging more users even when you are not online.

Few more recommendations here

Have a nice week!