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Over time we have seen drastic developments in technology. From the first iPhone to the very first drone: our world is constantly learning and changing. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence marked a breakthrough in the technological world. It opened doors to an entirely new way of thinking and interacting. From then until now there have been many successes and many failures, but the real surprise is yet to come.

The use of Artificial Intelligence has always been questionable. I’m sure most people in their lifetime have seen a movie or TV show where robots take over the world and destroy all humans… Yes, we’ve all seen that. Although not all robots take a human form, these scenarios do exist. But until now we just never realized how real robots and Artificial Intelligence units actually are.


What Kinds of A.I. Do We See Today?

In the most recent years we have seen Siri, IBM Watson, Google deep learning, drones, self-driving cars, predictive and self-learning systems and data mining mechanisms. Almost every person that owns an iPhone or Apple product knows how to use Siri. Siri is capable of finding your location, directing you where to go, calling or finding things within your phone, and can answer just about every question. I can personally testify that Siri has been extremely helpful when you need directions, a good restaurant or a little cafe you always forget the name of.


In the Media… 

In cinemas, we can see abundant examples of artificial technology being used in everyday life. Two very recent movies show just how capable Artificial Intelligence is. In the film Transcendence, American actor Johnny Depp uploads his mind onto a computer. Not something you would expect to see, except it is really not that far away from now. As well as in the new movie Her, a man falls in love with his Artificial Intelligence system. At the rate that Artificial Intelligensteph2ce is moving, that could really become a viable option. 

All of the new inventions have definitely created an interest for consumers today but aside from all these gadgets, the technology itself has greatly improved. The data and knowledge available to us have vastly expanded, allowing us to divulge deeper into technologic advancements. Our resource pull has also continued to expand through time making research and development more available.


What’s Next? 

The next steps for Artificial Intelligence will be creating predictive systems that are even brighter and smarter. The problem with many Artificial Intelligence units is that they are not self-correcting and do not learn from mistakes; obviously, since they are not humans. However, this is the future of artificial intelligence. If we are able to create predictive and deep learning techniques, the sky is the limit. Life will become easier, faster, and more efficient. Of course along with changes, there are many potential risks, but the future is yet to be discovered.

For businesses everywhere, Artificial Intelligence can be a blessing or a curse. In most situations, it will advance companies, create faster and more efficient results, and save a lot of time and possibly money. On the other hand it could destroy businesses and put a lot of people out of work. The potential for success is definitely there but Artificial Intelligence can have high risks. Or Shani, CEO and founder of Adgorithms, comments his thoughts on the use of A.I. in the workplace saying: 

“Some experts suggest that artificial intelligence’s (AI’s) ability to automate complex knowledge work could threaten the jobs of lawyers, librarians, professors, policy analysts and even journalists. However, in many cases, we see that AI allowed the expansion of the scope of these professionals’ work rather than replace it.” -Or Shani




The best part of it is where Artificial Intelligence is headed… the unknown. The boundaries are so limitless, it can actually be frightening. The world of technology will only continue to grow and grow until we find an unattainable state of perfection.

But until that day… We’ll keep on growing.





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