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… Ring Ring. Ring Ring. “Hello?” “Hi! I would like to schedule an appointment.” “Sure, let me transfer your call to my assistant”… 

Do you ever find yourself in this situation of having to speak to a personal assistant? The second I hear the words personal assistant, I immediately think “Wow! This company must be important”. Personal assistants have an association with very important, powerful people within the organization.

But are they really? Or does having a personal assistant just seems to be more professional and established? The answer could be either, but the one thing I do know is that personal assistants are becoming easier to come by than ever before. Read on to find out why.


Advances in Voice Technology

With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, technology is becoming faster, more efficient, and more personalized. The availability of voice technology has become more prevalent within the last few decades.

personal assistant alexa


Innovations such as Apple’s Siri, Google Home, and Amazon’s Alexa are changing the phrase at the touch of a bottom” to “at the sound of your voice.” This is making it easier to communicate tasks and get responses in a shorter amount of time. Amazon’s Alexa is able to create playlists, find out the weather, call your friends and family, and answer to any question.


And the technology is only continuing to improve. Soon these devices will be able to personalize information just for you and organize all of your tasks in an efficient way.

So how does this help aside from making our lives easier?


The New Personal Assistant

Organizing tasks, taking calls, and figuring out relevant information sounds a lot like the job of your personal assistant if you ask me. And that is exactly what artificial intelligence is able to do: create personal assistants for anyone. No longer do you need a large, fortune 500 company name to make you seem prestigious.

home personal assistant


Technology developers are creating “digital helpers” to serve as assistants or knowledge workers to people everywhere. These are Artificial Intelligence units that come in the form of a calendar, scheduler, or personal butler.


Lauren Moon wrote a very interesting article called How Artificial Intelligence is Democratizing The Personal Assistant about these “digital helpers” Within this article she describes the benefits of these digital helpers saying:

“These new tech solutions for personal assistants are re-allocating all of those hours of wasted productivity doing email back-and-forth back to deep work.”

She goes on further to quote Dennis Mortensen, CEO and founder of Automated Scheduler x.ai. He talks more in depth about these benefits of using an Artificial Intelligence bot as an assistant.

“Scheduling meetings, booking travel, managing your receipts, and repetitive sales tasks are among the plethora of chores we must do everyday,”

“These are certainly not the core parts of our jobs and often distract us from the high value tasks, like cultivating a lead or sharpening our analysis of our customers.”

The personal assistants are helping to create automation, consistency, and efficiency. They take the tedious tasks off our hands giving us more time to do the creative aspects of our jobs. With more efficiency and consistency, we also leave less room for errors. This is of course good for any business.





Into the Future

Within the Artificial Intelligence industry, data currency will be the competing factor. Aside from improving a company’s work, these virtual assistants will also help to gain valuable insight about voice technology. These bots will be listening to what we like, don’t like, our accents, our slangs, and our specifications. They will be able to use this information to fine tune their abilities for even better service and accuracy.

This will be the key for the growth and development of our businesses.

Many companies have already started integrating these bots into their work, whether they have personal assistants or not. Furthermore, some personal assistants themselves have utilized this technology to be more organized and devote their time to other more important tasks.

The possibilities within these field are endless and with time we can expect to see even more great things.