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If your company doesn’t have a captivating website, it is guaranteed that a customer will click away. The average time someone spends on a webpage before clicking away is just under one minute. This means that within the first few seconds of opening a webpage your customer is deciding whether or not it is worth to stay on or keep searching.


Users often leave Web pages in 10-20 seconds, but pages with a clear value proposition can hold people’s attention for much longer

–Jakob Nielsen


How can you attract more customers to your webpage and how do you keep them engaged? Through the artificial intelligence technology of Chatbots, more customers will be drawn to your company and will have a better experience on your website.

Know Your Customer

First you should know what the user’s online presence is like. Are they a college student looking to spend thirty seconds on your webpage for a quick 2-click purchase on the newest trend or are they willing to invest ten minutes to browse and explore different options? It is important to be aware that all users are different and have separate browsing behaviors and needs. For example, if you are looking to target customers in both England and Spain, you want to make sure that your webpage and customer service are available in various languages. Ensuring the page is user-friendly, especially on an international level helps you reach a larger audience and attract more customers who feel supported by your service.


The Influence of Artificial Intelligence

Next, you should identify their needs. Chatbots help identify the needs of the customer the moment they enter the webpage. Using artificial intelligence technology, they are able to assist and direct users by targeting their needs. This new channel of communication allows users to indicate what they want instantly upon clicking the page. The bot then uses this information about the customer to offer direct and efficient solutions. A customer is greeted by the bot right when they enter the webpage or perhaps a few seconds later. This instant “Hello!” allows the customer to feel supported the moment they are logged in. This instant satisfaction and attention given to the customer allows the relationship between the company and the consumer to be established. The support they ultimately feel after their experience interacting with your brand is the fuel to their loyalty and desire to spread the word to their diverse outside networks.