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Live Chat are fun and all, but what if they were smarter? What if your customers can get instant replies? Read about all the benefits here!


Regular live chat? No thanks.

Normal livechat? Outdated!


So there are lots of benefits that come along with live chats. You can reduce expenses, increase sales, increase customer service and loyalty, quick problem solving and have a larger outreach.

But how efficient is the communication between business and customer? Honestly: there are a few disadvantages that still exist. You still need employees, which means that you can only give customer support within working hours. You still need a large team to assist, as you can only supply one customer with an answer at a time. And here’s another thing: you still need to be online at all times.

So to summarise: it takes a lot of time! And even though it might be beneficial to have a live chat for you, for customers it’s all about getting results. What they really want is instant, useful replies. If they have to wait for an answer, they’ll leave and find someone that can give them quick info and answers.


Smart live chat? Uhmm… Yes!

The thing is, people don’t really understand the term Artificial Intelligence. And if you throw in terms like Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, people get confused. So let me explain.

Artificial Intelligence is a machine/system’s ability to mimic or be indistinguishable from human behaviour. Machine learning is a system’s ability to learn from old and new data. For example: a customer asks a question, you answer, and next time the machine will give that answer. It learned from you. Natural language processing is when it can understand human language.

This is also how we are different from other intelligent chat bots. We understand. Most chat bots look for keywords, but Marketeer looks for the meaning behind the sentence.


So what are you waiting for?!

Consider all the benefits!

A modern company needs a modern approach! Appeal to your customers like never before with Marketeer’s intelligent hybrid chat.

You can reduce costs, better engage your customers, track visitor behaviour on your website, save time, and more! If you still have doubts, try our free trial! We let you experience our customer service solution for 14 days. For more information, please visit our website!

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