ChatbotsMarketingCan Chat Bots on Facebook create Super-Community Managers?

April 22, 2016by Nicky Marketeer

Marketeer for Facebook

Marketeer has just developed a new messenger bots for Facebook. This hybrid messaging platform utilizes chat bots that automatically answers any questions your customer has. Perhaps the chat bots are not answering your customer’s questions exactly the way you want? No problem! Your team can also take over the conversation anytime through our live messaging platform!

Converting to Marketeer’s messenger bot for Facebook will give you a step up against your competition today. Take a look at what your company’s bot could look like:


Just last week Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s messenger bot. Within days of the announcement, big companies such as CNN, SalesForce, and Bank of America started using the bot. The Facebook messenger bot automatically responds to customer’s questions sent through direct messages. The transition to the Facebook messenger bot is proving to be the future of customer communication. There are estimations of a potential bot market valued at 2 billion dollars in 2017.

Currently, there are 900 million active users on Facebook messenger and 2,500 million active users on Facebook and WhatsApp combined. Over 2.5 billion people have at least one messaging app installed, either Facebook or WhatsApp. This leads to 60 billion messages being sent per day. Therefore, without a Facebook messenger platform your company is possibly losing access to millions of potential customers.


In addition to a Marketeer’s messenger bot, Marketeer also has Web, Email, Messaging Apps, By converting to Marketeer’s messenger bot your company will be at the cutting edge of customer communication today. With just 3 easy steps you can convert to Marketeer’s messenger bot for Facebook!

Experience it for yourself

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