ChatbotsInfographicChatbots Report for 2017 from both perspectives – Infographic

November 28, 2017by Quincy Marchena

During 2017 chatbots’ industry increased incredibly.


This chatbots report shows why companies are chosing this way of managing their customers and why it works.

Chatbots are an incredibly easy way to manage customer service, way faster than hiring an entire department to do it. In fact, lots of industries and companies are using this kind of technology in order to improve the effectivenes of their communication while saving money.

Companies thoughts about chatbots

From the companies side, the authomatization of the whole customers’ interaction could be a huge gain in time and resources. As explained above, lots of well known brands that comes from different industries are adopting the technology with incredible results.

As written in this article“…is going to be an even bigger leap in software than we had with the shift to Web-based software. We are all re-thinking now how to build products.” said Hubspot’s Dharmesh Shah.

That’s why having a chatbot that manages social media’s and webpage’s clients is something most of the companies MUST have.

As we can read from the chatbots report the number of countries using chatbots reached 200. This means that having the system could be a great competitive advantage, specially considering that can increase rentention percentages by 10%. All their benefits makes chatbots a reliable tool for medium and even more for big companies.

The consumers’ side

Chatbots are faster than directly searching for products and consulting indipendently fares etc. That’s why nowadays that internet has been made to be effective and fast, consumers prefers fast ways to buy.

Moreover, the conversational commerce model is something that’s totally changing commerce and e-commerce worlds. While using a chatbot it’s possible to interact with something like “a personal shopper”, customized for the individual buyer’s experience.

Rapidity in execution, precision of information and ease of use are some of the characteristics that gives buyers the perfect customer experience, all services that a chatbot can guarantee. This leads consumers to prefer chatbots instead of any other mean, specially on Facebook pages. As a matter of fact, since Facebook occupies 8% of the whole internet traffic, customers prefers buying from the place they attend/rely on more. And also in the place in which they usually spend most of their time.

A special thanks for the authors from sources we used for the chatbots report data and infographic.

Chatbots report 2017 by marketeer


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