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How can customer experience be significantly improved? Well, what makes a positive experience for the customer when being assisted in person? Perhaps you enjoy your experience at the cafe you stop at each morning on your way to work. Right when you walk through the door, you smell the freshly roasted coffee and right there you are greeted by the store owner. Perhaps you enjoy the friendliness of the cafe owner, who knows your coffee order even before you open your mouth to speak. Maybe it is their reliability that you enjoy, knowing they will be there for you day after day.


Personalized Customer Service


Whatever the reason is, there are many factors involved in why you support this business again and again. This is the same memory and customer service technique used with chatbot technology today.

The key to increasing sales and ensuring customer satisfaction is effective customer service. Depending on a customer’s experience with service might make or break their decision to develop or maintain loyalty to your brand. This means it is crucial to enable positive customer satisfaction throughout their purchasing experience. But how can this be implemented?

Making the Most for Your Customer

In order for someone to feel content with the service they were provided, their business should always be appreciated and acknowledged. By thanking the customer and sending them confirmation for their order, you are making them feel valued and secure, both of which are important in their decision to return again. An important factor in interacting with the customer is doing so in a timely manner. By giving instant and quick responses, customers are statistically proven to be more satisfied with the company.

More people would recommend a brand that didn’t respond at all (19%) than those that received an effective but slow response.

–Kit Smith


Customer Satisfaction Referral


From this we are able to see how unsatisfied a customer is with slow responses, even if the answer is an effective one. By creating a solution for fast and effective customer responses customers are more satisfied, providing the company greater opportunity for success. This efficient solution is chatbots.

This type of information helps users get the answers they sought for in real time and provides the business with vital research data of their customer base.

-Vivian Michaels

Customers Like Our Bots

The same memory and customer service techniques used by the coffee shop owner down the street are used with chatbot technology today. We are living in a digital age in which chatbots make customer service and support accessible at our fingertips.

Although chatbots have been around for years, companies are just discovering how helpful they truly can be for their businesses. All around the globe, companies are using chatbots in order to interact with customers and ease the sales process. By gathering this information about their customer, businesses are better able to use this in their customer base. The use of chatbots is increasing, so is the rate of customer satisfaction.


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