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People tend to talk more with machines than with people when answering their most trivial questions.

Customers don’t want to call you anymore; they want to access your knowledge base, FAQ articles and online communities

We all want to appear more intelligent than we are, which is why we find it difficult to admit we don’t know something. This doesn’t happen when we ask a machine. We can ask any question without feeling foolish because we’re only talking to a robot.

In contrast, face to face conversations can be more difficult. When we talk to people, the closer the communication, the harder it is to admit certain things.

That’s why social networks have had much effect, because you can freely and anonymously make comments on forums. But what happens if the forum doesn’t have the information you are looking for?

Generally, the questions that companies receive are the same ones over and over again: 80% of users have the same questions. So why not get a robot that answers 80% of these questions and at the same time engage with all your visitors?

This means great saving for both companies, and users don’t have to wait for someone to answer them on a forum, they don’t have to navigate aimlessly looking for information, and they are not afraid to ask something even though it may seem like a silly question.

There are many tools to improve your customer satisfaction. In my 17+ years founding companies, I’ve never seen anything more effective and time-saving than use most as technology as possible to help my businesses. They’re far away more money healthy than human resources.


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