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When people are interested in a certain product, they search online for the best prices and companies. This is why you need to be able to stand out from your competitors: to attract customers and build brand popularity. When they search online, they are most likely to use Google, this is where Google AdWords comes in.


Here are some of the key benefits of AdWords:

10. It allows you to reach your customers easily when they are interested in your products

Intent marketing is when you directly target customers that are looking at your products, information, location, etc. This is done in the moment, and it’s very profitable.

Another method is retargeting. This is when you specifically target your web users with ads. For example: Alex searches online for Nike shoes in Boston and comes across your website- because you obviously sell shoes, duh, and after a while he leaves your website. Now later that day Alex goes to Facebook to interact with friends, and guess what? There you are! You are showing off your best features, and the exact shoes he was looking at earlier! Alex really likes the shoes, and you even let him pick it up in the store! (which the others don’t). How amazing! Alex is now super tempted to buy your product.


I visited this page 2 weeks ago for this article. And now I get a discount!


He closes Facebook and opens Google.com, only to see your ad again. Alex really wants the shoes, and your company seems really nice… Of course he has to have them! Bam! That’s a new buyer. And you can easily do this for 10, 100, or a thousand visitors!

Of course, you are fighting for the first place when it comes to search results. As a small/new business this can be very difficult, as you may not have as much SEO experience as other companies you are competing against.


9. It allows you to reach your local customers

If you are operating in one city only, or one country you can geo-target your customers based on your target audience. You can reach your intended audience perfectly! You can even disable certain locations, making it more specific and saving costs. Another pro is that your can target people based on level of income, this is especially useful if you sell luxury products.


8. You can show your location to the users

If you use Google Places along with AdWords, you can show your location with yours ads. This is great as people can see that your business is nearby and easy to reach! Competitors might not deliver in area’s that you do, or people will be easier to trust a company nearby when ordering something.


7. You can show extra information about your business

Ad extensions are commonly used to direct the customer into the right direction. For example: food restaurants can add a direct link to their menu, contact page, etc. Ad extensions don’t carry any additional costs, the normal pay-per-click regulation applies.



6. You can target specific searches and have direct contact

Keywords are very important when it comes to AdWords. The better your keywords, the higher your ranking. If you have a restaurant in France, you need to target specific keywords that are popular in your area. Why? Well, because there are probably over a million of other restaurants in France that want to steal away your potential customer. If you sell in multiple countries, you probably need to use the same keywords in different languages. 


5. You can reach you mobile customer wherever

AdWords offers a lot of options to make your ads more mobile friendly. Which is great, because of the high amount of people that use their phones. Not just mobiles though, you can target and reach your customers at any device: laptop, mobile, iPad, etc. Check out how Marketeer does it!



4. You can control and optimise where your ad is showed

Not operating in Italy? No worries, you can deselect Italy and your ad won’t be shown there. You can do this on a local or global level. This means it’s both useful for big and small companies. And let me give you another big pro: YouTube. You can show your ad on YouTube, which is mostly good if you want to target a younger audience. YouTube has over a billion daily users, maybe you should jump on board of the money train!

”YouTube overall, and even YouTube on mobile alone, reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the U.S.” – Source


3. You can easily measure results

Google Adwords goes hand-in-hand with Google analytics. It’s super easy to see how well you’re doing, your click rate, conversion rate, etc.



2. You are the one that controls the budget

Google Ads is all about the pay-as-you-go method. This means: you pay for each time your ad is clicked on. This makes Ads available for businesses of any size! But it gets better: Google Ads allows you to set a maximum amount that you would like to spend each day. If you don’t wanna spend more than 20€ a day, you set this as a limit and it will save you a lot of costs.


1. You can adjust your ad to get better results

Let’s just say that you have this awesome idea. You completely go for it, but you don’t get the needed results. Maybe you should extend your target area? No worries! You can adjust the content of the ad!

So to sum it up: Google Ads allows you to measure impressions, terms searched before people clicked on your ad, amount of clicks, the Cost Per Click, ad performance, conversion rate, average ad position and keyword performance, and many more!


These were our 10 advantages of Google Adwords! As you can see, AdWords is beneficial for big and small companies! Maybe you have some additional advantages for us that we totally forgot about? Hit us up in the comments:)


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