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Today I started the day so happy. Not every day I publish a book and I’ve received my first printed book!

Escribe Tu Futuro - Rudy Bianco

Like my book say “Escribe Tu Futuro” (Write your future), we are at Marketeer helping to write the future of many companies.

After a lot of hard work and recoding the entire product, we arrived to a new Marketeer. Now Marketeer works better than ever. We changed the entire software and hardware architecture, the front-end interfaces, the back-end code and finally the databases to get an extremely fast product.

Now Marketeer can track every customer that visit your website, talk with them using artificial intelligence, in the meantime your team give the human touch, and of course, everything instantly.

We are proud to say that we have one of the fastest systems on earth to engage with your customers intelligently.

If you still did not try it, seeing how an AI software helps your business grow, it’s your time!

by Rudy Bianco, CEO Marketeer