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A Growth Hacking Podcast with Ehsan Jahandarpour @jahandarpour

Welcome to Bright people! A podcast made by us featuring the best top influencers in B2C, B2B and Growth Hacking marketing. Each week we speak with an influencer to try to get some inside information to share with you. Stay tuned, today’s episode is brought to you by Marketeer and SoundCloud.

This is our first podcast with one of the top influencers in the field of growth hacking according to Forbes. Today’s episode will help you understand the fundamentals of growth hacking. Moreover, this would also help you see what insider experts like Ehsan think about growth hacking and it’s future.

After deciding to become an entrepreneur and starting up his own company, Ehsan kept facing failure after failure, until he became one of the best growth hackers in 2016 according to Forbes magazine. In addition, Ehsan Jahandarpour spent some time with us to share his extended knowledge, experiences and insights. Take your time and enjoy the podcast!


These are one of the best insights from Ehsan;

[ 15.19 ] ‘’A business model is very important; it really doesn’t matter how cool your business idea is. If you can’t convey a stranger into action, you are …..’’

[ 16.09 ] ‘’It’s absolutely wrong to only rely on the growth hacking you read about. ‘’

[ 17.25 ] ‘’Influencer marketing is not only a term, it is building relationships, compromising, learning, teaching, building influence and being influenced, etc. The main trick is that you have to give before you can get.’’

[ 23.35 ] ‘’Content marketing is just a tool’’

[ 25.58 ] ‘’Simplifying the opting form is the best thing’’

[ 34.00 ] ‘’Trying and practicing solo practices may probably generate some results, but is not going to be for the long call’’

If you have any feedback, thoughts or ideas for future interviews with growth hackers, influencers and investors you’s like to see or just want to share what you’re working on, please comment below!

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