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Last week we attended DES 2017 in Madrid and got some amazing insights into the brand newest technologies about artificial intelligence. There was a broad variety of exhibitors which made it possible to gain insights into various new technologies and the digital transformation. All in all, the DES 2017 was organised like a networking event and there were many, many conferences. If not to say maybe even too many at the same time, so that it was hard to choose which one to attend. 

A.I transforming customer journeys3

There was time to meet up with very interesting start-ups. We had some valuable conversations and learned much about the digital transformation. We realized once again that there are so many exciting opportunities awaiting us where we can contribute with our no-how about A.I. The result was that we were able to arrange partnerships with both, start-ups and well-known companies. 

Especially the start-up Social Seeder stuck to our mind when thinking back to all the people we spoke to. Social Seeder is an all-in-one ambassador marketing software that gives your ambassadors a simple way to amplify your brand’s reach by sharing your stories across their social networks. It is great to have one single platform where all marketing activities are gathered together.


Talking about how A.I. transforming customer journeys

Also Rudy Bianco, Marketeer’s CEO, was invited as a speaker at DES and gave a speech about how A.I. is transforming customer journeys. Obviously, Rudy has always been a tech savvy and the audience was captured during his first words when he started talking about how young he was when he built his first virus – 10 years old!!! Besides that he also worked as a kid on BBS – something before the internet – which connected one computer to another one and enabled him to make free phone calls.

A.I transforming customer journeys2

Looking into the crowd he remarked that everybody here goes through a numerous number of customer journeys. Also, everybody here has experienced good and bad ones. At this point companies should never be satisfied with customer satisfaction beneath 100% because new technologies are opening doors to achieve immaculate customer service. That’s our job – Marketeer has a major goal- to create 100% customer satisfaction. Nowadays everybody is using technology and it’s not the first time that we are talking about digital transformation that starts with users. It doesn’t start with businesses pushing the users, “unless you are Steve Jobs and you are creating the iPhone” Rudy said with a wink. These days the users are pushing the companies and it’s also the users which direct what kind of technology is needed.

Today, there’s more than 7 billion people around the world that are experimenting with technology and we are a business that provides technology to users. Another interesting technology are apps that track the sleeping cycle. Their integrated A.I. makes it possible to tell you when you have to leave the house in the morning to avoid traffic and additionally gives you alternative routes in case you are too late. All these different apps that we are using daily are working with A.I. Rudy also hopes that we will soon be stopping to drive cars. Indeed, this is coming soon, Rudy says as he already saw it in Tesla Europe. In November they are planning to let a car drive itself from California to New York all alone. I think the car will be stolen before it even arrives.


What is A.I.?

It’s clear to see that in our new era everything is connected and uses artificial intelligence. But let’s think about these two words a bit more … What is A.I.? Everybody is talking about artificial intelligence and most people think that it’s something scary. Unfortunately we have a really bad concept about A.I. It consists of two words: Artificial Intelligence. Artificial means not human. And intelligence stands for the ability to solve complex problems. So if we put this together A.I.expresses the ability of machines to solve complex problems.

Portrait of Young Man

Some factors are dependent on the intelligence and TIME. During particular amount of time the technology improves. So if you have a technology that improves over the time, it collects artificial intelligence. In the world we are living in right now we cannot imagine a life without technology. Everybody has a smartphone and Rudy’s assumption is that one day we will probably have a chip in the back of our heads to upload various things there. But there is a certain fact that humans without technology will not survive and technology without the human will not survive neither. Rudy compares this with Yin and Yang.

When Rudy throws the word humachines into the audience it seems as if many have never heard of this concept before, even though it was firstly mentioned already nearly 18 years ago. So now, after 18 years we finally have reached the time where the idea is becoming real. Technology sometimes goes slower as we think, but once is gets speed, it integrates extremely fast into the market.

The question arises whether we can optimise everything… No, not yet but thanks to automatisation we are getting closer while machines are starting to learn by themselves. However, Marketeer creates machines that learn from humans. By recording and tracking customer communication, we shape machines that can replicate the information in a very intelligent way. The best way to interact with machines is talking and this is nothing new as we already are familiar with Siri. Even for kids A.I. has become available. 58-year-old Barbie is now recognising what a person is telling her and out of all this information she gives suitable answers, again with the focus on learning automatically more and more from time to time.

Besides having artificial intelligence in private life, Rudy also talked about A.I. in businesses and emphasised how important it is to predict a customer’s next move to know when and how to interact with users. By tracking them we gain a huge amount of data. This data has to be evaluated to make predictions and create patterns which are done through the help of the intelligence. Then you start interacting, talking, helping and also selling in real time.


Click here to watch the full video of Rudy Bianco’s speech at DES 2017!